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Monday, June 18, 2007

Clay Aiken - A Continuing Education  

My first knowledge of Clay Aiken was not through American Idol.
Yes, I heard that Simon bashed the contestants, so I did not watch the show and had no idea who was on.

I have always been a person that could not stand to see one person insult another for the purpose of entertainment. I shunned that kind of show. I have since grown thicker skin.
I saw the results of the 2003 Miss America Pageant and heard that an American Idol runner-up had sung on there with the name "Clay". That peeked my curiosity.

The name "Clay" at that time was not very popular. My son has the same name. I wanted to see what this Clay was like that had my son's name.
So - here my fingers go to typing and searching on the Internet. I did find a video. I was awe struck to say the least. I played that video over and over and over.

This is the Night rung in my head. The audience standing and applauding. I could not get over it.

From that time forward, I wanted to know more about this Clay that had my son's name.

What I have learned from then until now.............

He was born November 30, 1978.
He changed his name from Grissom to Aiken.
He has a tremendous voice.
He loves children.
He is very humble.
He loves his mother.
He is wise beyond his years, he just does not know the definition of the word "soon".
He has an undying need to help others.
He said he didn't care how, he just wants to make a difference in the world.
He has a wonderful comedic side.
He loves his fans.
He is tall.
He talks fast.
He can turn his feet backwards.
He has varying shades of hair and styles.
He is a teacher.
He has been on the cover of Rolling Stone.
He was a councilor with YMCA.
He has a degree in Special Education.
He is a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Bubel Aiken Foundation for inclusion.
He was a spokesperson for Toys for Tots.
He was an ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
He is an ASCAP songwriter and Publisher.
He is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.
He has testified before Congress for funds for UNICEF.
He has traveled to Uganda, Indonesia and Afghanistan with UNICEF.
He was appointed to the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
He wrote the book Learning to Sing and made New York Times Best Seller at No. 2.
He is the fourth artist ever to have his first three albums debut in the Top 5 and scan over 200,000 in the first week according to Billboard.
He is a Multi platinum Recording Artist.
He has won an AMA award and 3 Billboard Awards.
He was the executive producer of the TV special "A Clay Aiken Christmas" which was released as a DVD.

Whew!! It is a continuing education.
Feel free to add if you like.
I know there is more to this man than what is listed above.
I know his heart is huge and his wisdom far exceeds mine.

What next?

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