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Friday, July 13, 2007

Clay Aiken - The Truth  

I did not watch The View today. I would have had to wash my eyes out with bleach if I had.
I doubt if I will ever watch it again after I heard who was on it. They have lost all integrity they have ever had by having him on their show. (Mario)
In my opinion they were promoting pornography.
I will not go into details about the show.

The video below repeats what Clay has said all along.
The lies are what they are - lies.

How many times does the man have to say that he is not gay?

No matter how many photo shopped pictures and how many accusations are thrown around on the web on these absurd blogs and rags will not make him gay.

Saying it will not make it so. Why they want him to be is a mystery to me.

I have learned that Clay could make a statement everyday for the rest of his life and there would still be people out there that would still not believe him.

He is a wise man to put these people on ignore.

Setting the Record Straight...Again

What next?

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6 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - The Truth

  • Birdie9


    Thank you for a true and well-thought out blog!


    You're welcome.

  • Anonymous


    Well said!

    That ugly Fraggle faced blogger is a lying sack of shit.

  • Anonymous


    Who dare listen and believe in lies except those who make up lies themselves.
    Birds of the same feather flock together!

  • Anonymous


    Clay Aiken seems to have alot of very enthusiastic and some may say overly invested fans. But the truly fanatical and obesessed aren't the people who like him it's the people who profess not to like him. They seem to be the ones who just can't get enough of him in any way, shape, or form. Why listen to someone whose voice you don't like, why why watch someone whose looks you can't stand, why read about someone you say tells nothing but lies. Makes no sense in the real world. Just in the all encompassing "I hate Clay Aiken " world. Put your energy into something useful or get professional help.

  • Anonymous


    That was a wonderful video montage of "The Truth." I remember all of those interviews and his words. They are etched in my memory as the truth. Seeing and hearing them altogether in one place with his voice singing in the background was a very moving experience.

    I just do not understand why some people spend so much time in trying to make up things about him. He has been constant and true to himself all this time. He isn't going to falter.

    After seeing PH on The View, I don't understand why anyone would give him airtime. You know it is going to be occuring just as he starts up his concerts again. It seems so orchestrated, even the appearance on The View. I don't know why it is important to those people to present him as someone who he has stated time and again that he is NOT.