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Monday, July 09, 2007

Clay Aiken Was Asleep, People!  

Even Clay Aiken gets the press when he is asleep.

On a flight from Houston to Tulsa - Clay crossed his legs and went to sleep.
Little did he know what was to take place during that nap.
While asleep, his foot decided to rest against a passenger's armrest.
That is the start of the confrontation. The lady must not have liked that foot even touching her armrest. Instead of letting a flight attendant wake Clay and ask him to move his foot, she proceeds to scream at Clay and he awakes to her hitting him three or four times.

Clay was good natured enough to joke about it at his concert in Tulsa.
He could have pressed charges.

The man was asleep, people.

The press knows that this version of the story would not get the press that the other has gotten.
Do they want to become just another tabloid rag?

Why is that?

Is it so hard for the journalists to do a little more research or are stars not deserving of the whole story? It is now becoming so hard to be informed of true facts. You don't know what to believe. Even the news sources that you think would give all of the facts have jumped on the band wagon of not doing their own research to validate newsworthy items.
It is just easier to copy/paste.

This is just very sad.........

Here is video from the Tulsa concert. Clay says he was beat up by a girl. lol

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Clay Aiken Was Asleep, People!

  • ticked


    Thanks jbc for putting the truth out there.

    I guess this would disqualify you from ever getting a job in the media.

    They get zero respect from me. Through the reporting about Clay for 4 years, I have grown to distrust anything they say about anybody and anything.


    Ticked - you are very welcome.

    Even Clay said in his blog today that the news media chose this non-event over what is happening with the children in Uganda and Afghanistan.
    They even did not get the story correct about the flight.

    I don't think Clay is confused. He knows what he is doing.
    I think the news media is.