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Monday, July 23, 2007

"He’d do it if he has to walk to Detroit”. "  

No one can come up with the exact number of people that lined up for just a handshake or a touch from Clay Aiken, Saturday night. One Columbus paper estimated 2,500 people in the line alone, with an attendance at the concert to be anywhere from 10,000 to 14,000! The Columbus Pops office didn't have an exact number, but they knew it was well over 10,000.

Non fans do not know this, but Clay wants to personally greet his fans after concerts at his bus. He touches their hands or gives them a cross over hand shake and says "Thank you for coming" or "Thanks guys" . This night he was doing the cross over hand shake with both hands.

The picture below shows The Lawn of Chemical Abstract Service in Columbus, Ohio where the concert was held with the
Columbus Symphony Orchestra .

Thanks to Cap for her layout of the line that wrapped around the complex. They were lined up through the parking lots, sidewalks and lawn in a single file.

I am quoting a comment from one of the fans in the line.

"Someone asked Jerome (Clay's security) if Clay was really going to be able to shake everyone’s hand and Jerome smiled and said,
“He’d do it if he has to walk to Detroit”. "

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra has a blog in which concert goers can leave comments about the show with Clay.

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