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Monday, August 06, 2007

Clay Aiken Meet & Greets - Part Three  

More info from the Meet & Greets with Mr. Aiken.


99. Clay said he was not coming out west for the Christmas Tour.

100. Clay hates to play scrabble.
101. Clay says he has a bad memory and can't remember things.

102. He said that Jaymes really wants LAA on his next CD and that he didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is so there's a chance that will happen.

103. Clay said that he's not really active in the managing of TBAF and missed the last board meeting but that he trusts his uncle and his mother trusts him.

104. Clay said that only 3 songs that would have been on the CD that didn't come out had the final mixing: ATD, BFM, and JY and that we had ATD, but the others couldn't be leaked or released because it wouldn't be fair to the songwriters who couldn't then market them as originals. So they can not be on the next CD.

105. Clay stated that he basically no control over touring, but sometimes they might give him a choice of a venue or two, but he really has no say.

106. Once again Clay stated not to believe everything that you read or hear.

107. Clay said that the reason that he had his teeth done was because they slanted in and he didn't like it.

108. Clay stated that the likes his label (RCA) and does not want to leave it.

109. Clay said that he can't work with David Foster because he works for Warners and Clay works for RCA but that he could record a song that DF wrote but DF couldn't produce for him.

What next?

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