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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Clay Aiken Meet & Greets - Part Two  

I did not realize that the tidbits of the Meet and Greets were originated from The Official Clay Aiken Fan Club. I contacted one of the members that created the list and asked perimission to use the list in my blog. She graciously said yes.

So, here is part two of the Meet and Greet tidbits.

73. Not a question and not an answer but well worth knowing.....As to how he smelled - I forgot to breathe in when he was leaning in for the picture I can just tell you that his touch was gentle, his smile was sweet and blindingly white and his eyes were beautiful.

74. Clay said he didn't like days off, but they had to give everybody else a day off. He said that he would work every day.

75. He was very easy to talk to. He's so relaxed that he put us all at ease. He is very snarky. His eyes are so intense and very beautiful!! Just different when he's right in front of you! He seems very intelligent too. My friends who came to the concert with me asked if he acted like a kid at the M & G, and he didn't. He is very mature and intelligent. Also very interested in everything all of us said. He smelled nice, when he put his cheek next to mine to have our picture made.

76. Doesn't like Touch and he also said he didn't like MOAM(the song)that much either. He also said he didn't like Back for More that much.

77. I could smell Clay. He smells of fresh linen. It's very comforting and sweet. He just smells clean. It's quite refreshing.

78. Clay stated "another song I still sing that the fans like but that isn't one of my favorites anymore is Measure of a Man, but the fans like it so I still sing it."

79. Clay said All is Well is his favorite of everything he's recorded - that he really loved doing that EP.

80. I asked if he would write more songs and he said only if he felt something, and he said Jaymes will probably not let him get away without writing more.

81. When asked what he is drinking from the water bottle on stage Clay stated that it is a secret, only Mary knows and it changes each night. They always take the label off the bottle. Clay said it probably had a lot of spit in it.

82. Clay has creative control over his concerts and he comes up the concept. After he came up with the concept for the JBT and JNT 2, he then handed it over to Amy Tinkham who took the ideas and ran with it. He snarked that he comes in at the end and changes everything.

83. Clay said that it would be really difficult for him to tour between the albums because he is not on TV and is not as visible. He said last year’s xmas concert sold really well because he was on TV and had the controversy with Kelly Ripa. Clay joked that he was going to have to create another controversy like putting his foot on someone’s armrest or slapping his hand across someone’s mouth. He mentioned that this summer concert series while doing well, wasn’t doing as well as the Xmas tour, and he attributed that to his lack of visibility.

84. Clay stated that while it is too late, if he had had his way he would re-release AIW with MCWL with added or additional production. He said it probably wouldn’t happen, but that is what he would like to do.

85. Clay's favorite print media interviewer is Allison Glock. He stated, Alison is very thorough and spent considerable time with him for his Elle interview. His favorite TV interviewer is Diane Sawyer.

86. Clay's favorie celcebrity moment is AI finale and the World Series (I got the impression that this might not be his favorite thing, but it was a big deal).

87. When asked if RCA has any control over when he blogs, what he blogs, etc., Clay stated well, let me put it this way. The world abounds with a lot of conspiracy theories. In actuality, there are very few conspiracies in this world, so no.

88. I then followed up with: Does RCA have anything to do with the fanclub and he said yes, they do with Clayaiken.com. He said with respect to clayonline.com the better question would be: “Do they even know it exist?”

89. Clay said that he would consider doing Broadway but it would he would have to be much older. He said he couldn’t imagine doing 8 shows a week. That he likes variety and that he likes to mix up his shows. He couldn’t imagine saying and singing the same things, from the same spot on the stage night after night.

90. If asked, Clay would advise aspiring teachers against teaching the grades that have mandated state tests. You get stuck teaching the test. He said he wouldn’t have wanted to teach 3rd or 5th grade in Raleigh. He would also advise against teaching the top grade of the elementary, whether it be 5, 6th or 8th because by then the kids start copping an attitude.

91. When asked if he would go back to teaching, he said that he doesn’t think he could at this point, and doubts that the kids would listen to him, plus he would have take pictures with all the kid’s mamas.

92. Clay says that when he is in Raleigh he is comfortable going out in public but doesn't go to the store much. But he will. He likes to go out to eat with a group of friends to certain restaurants.

93. Clay chooses the songs for Angela and Quiana to sing, so he picks what he likes and what he wants to hear.

94. Clay was quite flattered by Idol: the Musical but at the same time it made him uncomfortable. He gave the actors props and said they were talented.

95. Clay said that if fans start replicating his 5230 shirts then Team Clay would stop wearing them.

96. Clay stated that if the fans don’t freak then he is fine. But when the fans freak, that freaks him out. He still doesn’t get the attraction.

97. Clay said that it is too early and since he doesn't have the songs picked he could not say whether the new album will be more like MOAM or more like ATDW or a combo. He also stated that the the sound is developed toward the end of the album process. He said hopefully it will be all originals and then he said, it will be all originals.

98. He also mentioned that with regard to song writing, if it happens, it happens.

What next?

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