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Monday, October 08, 2007

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors.........  

We all hear them.

Do you take the rumors as Gospel or a grain of salt?

First you look at the source, consider the source and go from there. When you are looking at the source, make sure you know that the source is at the beginning. Many times there is a vine that has entwined that you cannot see. These are the tenticles that lead to deception and falsehoods.

Why do the rumors start in the first place? There have to be reasons or are the reasons unfounded? I believe the latter. Why would anyone want to start any rumor when there is no reason. Entertainment or revenge? If anyone can answer any of these questions - I welcome it.

There have been so many rumors about Clay Aiken that I cannot list them and I won't.
I do know that he is a good man. He has a wonderful voice and heart.
These rumors that have run rampant are unfounded and are entwined in deception and falsehoods.

Clay goes about his business, enjoying his life as he says in the direction that God leads him.

(The life he leads does not deserve the rumors that are being spread.)

The next thing that happens is his name is muddied and is added to a gossip blog for hits.

(If you did not know - Many blogs add advertisements to their sites and every time a blog is opened the owner of the blog makes money.)

We all know that the name "Clay Aiken" draws attention. Whether the rumor starts there or not, is not the issue at the moment, but it will travel from this blog to another. The tin can phone. It could be a copy/paste from one blog to another. Or it could be a capsule of the rumor. Does the blog owner research this source or does he do his copy/paste for attention? Does this person care if the source is reliable. NO! Another case of pour journalism.

These rumors have been created. The reason - we may never know. The rumors may never die. In this case - we do consider the source and the source has tenticles. Where do they lead? Looks like it is a wait and see.

They just need to stop so we can enjoy the music.

What next?

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5 comments: to “ Rumors, Rumors, Rumors.........


    I love the music and I want to hear Clay sing it for many years to come. At times I'm an optimist thinking that people who start rumors or spread them knowing they are false will someday get theirs.


    Thanks Oh Crap.
    I agree, I do hope they get theirs in the end.........
    I just know that Clay does not deserve this.

  • Micki


    Great blog, jbc4clay! What we need to remember is that anyone can write a blog. Anyone! It doesn't have to be true. For whatever reason, there are people that hate Clay Aiken. I know we who love him find that hard to believe, but the last two years have been an education for us. I question everything I read now. And it saddens me that alot of what I read about Clay are untruths....horrible untruths!

  • stargazer


    That is a lovely blog, it's gentleness is so representative of Clay Aiken the man. Thank you.


    You're very welcome Stargazer.