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Monday, November 12, 2007

Clay's Goal All Along  

Have you been watching American Idol Rewind of Season Two?

It is really amazing to watch Clay Aiken. He sure had the "IT" factor then. He had the charisma, the confidence and of course the voice. As I have read, a lot of the segments of the try-outs were edited out when season two was first shown. I cannot imagine how it would have turned out if everyone could have seen the snips from the cutting room floor.

He made the statement then that he wanted to be the next American Idol because of the influence of being well known. His wish was to be an advocate for people with mental disabilities. That was a great statement that has come full circle.

Little did he know how much of an advocate he would be.

Orphans of God by Avalon - Montage by MyMoam2

What next?

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