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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Down To the Wire!  

America's Giving Challenge!

IF we can inspire the most people, there is a chance The Bubel/Aiken Foundation can possibly win $50,000. The top 8 groups will win. Four from the U.S. based and four from Global based Charities.
With Clays quest for 100 camps, this can ONLY HELP! This fund raiser is great in that you don't have to have the most funds collected, but the most amount of inspired people donating!
Since they are awarding the number of donations made, not the amount of money collected, there is a $10.00 minimum.

Note: ($10.50 (10.47 exactly) is needed if you use paypal because of the papal fee charge)

This is an excerpt from an email from Nicole Sauvola, Esquire.

Inclusion is so important for the
kids who need an opportunity to experience
ACTIVITY - Inclusion is so important for adult educators to teach them that special needs kids have something to offer that no one else can - EMPATHY and HEART!!! So please, take 5 minutes to go to the website and give $10.00 to the Charity - Your contribution of $10.00 could mean $50,000.00 to this Awesome Charity.

Click here to go to the Charity Badge

Thank you for your help!

Deadline 01/31/2008 3:00 p.m. EST

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1 comments: to “ Down To the Wire!

  • Sue


    I've given!! Inclusion is so important for ALL!

    Having helped autistic & downs syndrome kids get ready for and pass their black belt tests, I know for a fact that kids interacting with one another is a positive experience for all concerned!

    PLEASE, if you can, give to this very worthwhile cause!