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Thursday, January 10, 2008

OK, I am through with my rant.  

I said that when I set up my blog about Clay Aiken, that I would only post good news about Clay. This is not one of those posts. There has been such wonderful things happening with Clay as of late that I hate to post the words I have thrown together, BUT this has been really bothering me.

I have been trying to understand the thought processes of many bloggers.
I know; pot meet kettle. I understand my own thoughts, but others is another question.

My blog is a Clay Aiken blog as you can see. Daily, I Google or do a search on Lycos for anything Clay Aiken. I have noticed that there are many blogs out there with the name Clay Aiken in them. I will read the blog and it has NOTHING to do with Clay. These are just for hits. It makes their blog look like it is not worth reading if they don’t throw Clay’s name in there. Yes, I like to read his name, but I would like there to be something that will tie his name to the subject matter.

Another thing I have noticed - No matter what the subject of Clay is in the blog - many CANNOT resist throwing in an innuendo or two. It can be an article of Clay being on a UNICEF trip in Mexico, his Spamalot Broadway appearance in January, or his singing on the Capitol One Holiday on Ice special. The first annual "Golfing for Inclusion" tournament was held at the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach, FL on January 7th 2008. It was a hit. Of course there had to be a blog or two throwing the innuendos left and right. There was no evidence that the writers of these blogs were even there!

This is very poor journalism in my opinion. Does this make the article any better? Does it make it newsworthy? Does it show extensive research? Does it show that the writer has any ethics? What has Clay done to these writers? Nothing. Do they think that if they say it enough that that will make him what they want him to be. No, I don’t think so. If that was the case, I would continually say that I was rich and maybe just maybe I will be rich. It just does not work that way. They remind me of middle and high school children that think that it is cool to bully. This is basically what they are doing. Does this make them think that they are with the “in crowd” to do this? No, it is just being childish and ignorant.

Clay has always, from the beginning of his career, said that he was straight. The man has become so tired of the questions that he made the decision not to comment on it anymore. People are going to believe what they want to believe no matter what he says.

All he wants to do is sing, work with UNICEF and The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

From all accounts - He is doing all of this very well!

Below is a video that shows that Clay has answered that question time and time again.

OK, I am through with my rant.

What next?

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