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Monday, February 11, 2008

Clay Aiken - Broadway.com Buzzzzzzzzzzz  

Today I read an interview from Broadway.com Buzz with Clay Aiken. This was a very refreshing interview.

Imagine if you would, an interview that was respectful to the person that is being interviewed. It really does make a difference. This person I would call a "journalist".

Someone that does listen, does their research and does not skew the conversation into something that was not said.
I was really impressed.

Clay Aiken
by Kathy Henderson

Everybody knows that Clay Aiken can sing, but—surprise!—he can also hold his own on a Broadway stage. To be more precise, he can hula, ogle scantily clad girls, discuss flying coconuts in a British accent, pretend to poop in his tunic, do a Cossack-style line dance and perform a lightning-fast patter song ("You won't succeed on Broadway if you don't have any Jews") without dropping a syllable. As Sir Robin in Spamalot, the 29-year-old American Idol runner-up appears perfectly at ease in the world of Monty Python—which, he recently claimed, he thought was a person until he saw the show. The "fish out of water" angle of Clay Aiken starring in Spamalot has already led to a couple of snarky magazine articles, including one in New York in which the writer recorded Aiken's quotes in an exaggerated imitation of his North Carolina accent. No wonder his personal publicist now keeps a sharp ear (and a stopwatch) on Aiken's interviews. The truth is, Clay is smart guy who knows what works for him, and he was shrewd enough to realize that Spamalot, in its own nutty way, would be a good match for his talents and his sunny sensibility. "If somebody said to me, 'Who in this cast has never done theater?' he is the last person I would have chosen," says Hannah Waddingham, the Olivier Award-nominated British musical star who joined the Tony-winning musical as the Lady of the Lake the same night Aiken debuted. Three weeks into his run, Broadway's new Sir Robin shared his impressions of life in Spamalot.

Read the complete interview through the link below.
All three pages!
Q&A with Clay Aiken - Broadway.com Buzz

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2 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - Broadway.com Buzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous


    Finally an informative and fascinating interview with Clay Aiken by a real journalist. Thank you for featuring it here. :-)

  • Anonymous


    This is one of my favorite articles. It's so refreshing to read something but a real journalist - well done Kathy and thanks for your wonderful interview!!!!