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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Clay Aiken has a Dresser/Undresser  

We now know that while Clay is in SPAMALOT he has a "Dresser/Undresser".
Her name is Shannon.

Many have wondered how he managed to make so many constume changes so fast.
It has been said that he is off the stage from one of the changes to another for only two minutes. I guess she can make it happen.

Here are a couple of quotes from some lucky ones to have seen him Wednesday night.

"Mr. Aiken came out with his arm around a redheaded girl he introduced to us as Shannon. He said she takes my pants off each night and you had to see the twinkle in his eyes when he said that. He told us he wanted it all over the internet and knew we could do it. He even posed with her for pictures."

"I see it's already been reported about Shannon.....At the stage door, Clay came out with his arm around a redheaded girl, and introduced her to the crowd, and said, "she's the one that helps me get my pants on and off." It was really cute!"

Below is a snippet of the video by AustenFan from the Stage Door.

Does Shannon have an understudy??? Does Shannon need an understudy???

What next?

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