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Friday, March 14, 2008

Radio - Do you listen or not?  

About a month ago, we received two packets from the Arbitron Radio Ratings.
When I first talked to them on the phone, I told them that we did not listen to the radio.
They said they wanted that information also. They were very concerned about the packets being completely filled out. They called several times during the week we had the packets and wanted to know if we were having any problems in filling them out and answering any of the questions. What is so funny, every packet and letter we received, there was a nice new crisp one dollar bill in it. Before that week was over, we received $7.00.

We did listen to the radio for about 5 minutes one day. We were on a short trip and wanted to know about the traffic situation. We listened to the talk radio station for this information. I did note that in our packets.

During this week, I realized the reason that I don't listen to radio is that there is nothing that they have to offer that I want to hear. When I quit listening, all the music they played was on repeat. There was no variety. You could set your watch to the time that certain songs were played. I also remember when these repeaters would come on, I would turn the station down.

You used to be able to call in to the small stations, talk to the DJs and make a request for a favorite song. This day in time you cannot do that.

It looks like music is now going by the way of ipods, mp3 players and cd players. You can also listen to your favorite music from you computer.

I may change my mind when a certain singer's new CD drops. Until then - I have my CDs, my mp3 player and my computer.

To keep this blog on topic and what it is about - Clay Aiken. :)

What next?

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9 comments: to “ Radio - Do you listen or not?

  • Anonymous


    I rarely listen to the radio anymore. At work (where I must listen), we have the station set to one of our local AC stations. You can always tell it's the lunch hour, as they play "I Will Always Love You", by Whitney Houston at noon. EVERYDAY....for years! I'm not even sure there's live DJ's anymore. Just commercials and the same songs over and over and over. Nope, give me my CD's, MP3 layer, and computer anyday. I want to choose what I listen to. I don't want someone else choosing it for me.

  • kielbasa


    Thanks for blogging about this, jbc! Great subject!

    I, too, wonder about the effectiveness of radio these days.

    I can't bear to listen anymore. Just can't stand having that crappy noise shoved in my ears. Besides, the radio industry is in bed with the music industry. They're -- literally and figuratively -- screwing each other. The record companies buy the hits, legally, I might add, or else why would the radio stations be playing such filth and drivel?

    The FCC needs to look into all the dirty lucre (read:payola) flying around.

    Or maybe I'm just old.

    I've got some faboo music in my CD players, by one blond sex god whose initals are Clay Aiken -- I don't need no stinkin' radio. Pfft.


    I listen to that same guy when I go to sleep and when I wake up. I cannot wait for that NEW CD.

    The Industry has got to change for the better before Radio makes a comeback. Like I said, right now they have nothing to offer me.

    I've got some faboo music in my CD players, by one blond sex god whose initals are Clay Aiken -- I don't need no stinkin' radio. Pfft.

  • Anonymous


    If they played Clay on the radio, I'd be listening. Simple as that.

    No Clay, no play.

  • Anonymous


    Wonderful input into radio.
    Our family never listens to radio
    anymore either.
    payola for radio play killed it as far as I'm concerned.
    I think radio is so out of touch with what people want to listen to anymore
    it's quickly becoming a dying horse.
    Stick in my Clay CD's and I'm good to go!

  • fgs


    I don't listen to radio anymore because of the repetive song choices. I quit listening about the time rap and hip-hop started to be played. I hate the nasty lyrics of those genre's and don't see how rap is even considered music, but then that's jmo.
    I won't be going back to listening to radio until the music industry quits trying to push manufactured pop crap down our throats. Singers who can't sing have made millions just because they had the "look" or the eye of someone in the industry. Pro-tools have been used to clean up their music. I want to hear "real" singers. Someone who sounds the same "live" on stage without lip synching.

    I'd like the old days to return where DJ's respect people and not use gossip and rumor as their main topics of chit chat. I'm tired of listening to DJ's bash people and spreading nasty rumors only to make themselves look good.

    The dirty tricks in the music industry have all but ruined it. Get rid of the old fossil producers and people in high places in the music industry and open those jobs up to more progressive people who treat their musicians and their fans fairly.


    Anonymous 11:10 I think you just came up with the best slogan I've seen in a long time. We've been reading for 5 years about payola and the slogan from radio personnel has been "No pay, no play!" A lady DJ even slipped when a fan asked why Clay isn't played so turn about is fair in my opinion. If anyone else gets a survey just sign it, "No Clay, no play!" Throw it right back at 'em.


    There are so few songs played on the radio that I consider music that I just gave up listening and switched to CDs for my music.

  • Anonymous


    I very very rarely listen to radio. The only station i listen to is an ac station also. He tries to play Clay but its not often. He has come to our release parties also. I am waiting to see what he does with clay's new cd. When i do have the radio on in the car i so agree its the same songs everytime i listen. Very discouraging. I wonder how radio is staying in business with what i'm hearing. i have my clay cd's and that gets me where i going and i love it. thanks for this blog. i loved it.