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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clips From Clay Aiken's On My Way Here  

Clay made the statement once, "if the job was given to his fans to find Osama Bin Laden, they could do it". Cute statement. Some of the sleuths in ClayNation were on a search, not for Bin Laden but did find a pretty good treasure. They had to go to the Slovenian website simobil though to find preview clips from Clay's new cd that is making it's appearance May 6.

Here is a youtube from the clips.

They are not in the order of the cd. The tracks are noted in the video.
The only one that is not there is Grace of God.

Ahhhhh ---- listen and enjoy.......

Track Listings
1. On My Way Here
2. Ashes
3. Everything I Don't Need
4. Something About Us
5. Falling
6. Where I Draw The Line
7. The Real Me
8. Weight Of The World
9. As Long As We're Here
10. Sacrificial Love
11. Grace Of God
12. Lover All Alone

What next?

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