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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thank you Clay for "On My Way Here".  

Sunday night Clay waved a "thank you" to the fans and "goodbye" to Spamalot from the roof top of the Shubert Theatre.

Clay finished his very successful run as Robin in Spamalot.

Today Clay's fourth album - "On My Way Here" is now available for purchase.

This album is amazing. I really cannot put into words how I feel about it. I had heard the snippets from the different online vendors and knew it was going to be great. I had no idea how great it really was until I actually heard the entire CD. You can tell that Clay, Kipper and Jaymes put their heart and soul into every aspect of this work.

Clay's voice has matured and is so much fuller now. Just by listening to him sing, you can tell this was a happy experience for him. This is the CD that Clay has been wanting to produce from the get-go. The worth the wait.
It is very eclectic that it has something for everyone. In one interview today he said that his involvement with Unicef had some effect on a couple of the song choices. I would have been surprised if he had not had at least one inspirational song since he mentioned discovering one while on a trip with Unicef. Inspirational to R&B to mid-tempo. Some could even be cross-overs. I love all of the songs.

In the writeup in the CD - Clay says Thank you to the fans and dedicates the CD to the fans.
I say - Thank you to Clay for being the man you are, being true to yourself, for growing and not changing.
Thank you for this wonderful gift to us. You finally got the CD you wanted and so did we.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Thank you Clay for "On My Way Here".


    I can't say enough about this CD that would do it justice. The mid to faster tempo songs will be kick ass in concert. You know how he refines things instrumentally and vocally until the band and singers are in a real groove. Can't wait to see Kick Ass Clay on tour with these song selections.


    It really is a great album. I love every song on it.