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Monday, August 11, 2008

Clay Aiken Is A Learning Experience  

I was leaving an opinion at Hey! Nielsen and I decided to expound on it here.

Before Clay, I did not know there were message boards, blogs and very little about computers.

Boot and restore - thought this was something you wore when you refinished antiques.

Did you know that there are tools and links and bookmarks? No hammers, screw drivers, chains or books.

Click and drag - sounds kinda like a dance of some sort doesn't it?

Compilations, montages, blogs, vlogs, myspace, youtube (thought that was something you rode down a river in and got wet).

I did not know what an mp3, wav, flv, avi or wmv was. I sure did not know what a ping was. I also had very different ideas about what burn and rip meant. I thought java was coffee and what the h.... is an html code? Still working on that one.

I have also learned that if you "chat" on a computer - people really don't talk and they can't hear you if you do, but there is an entirely different language. LOL, BFF, BRB, TTUL, OTT, TTOT, BF (we use that one a lot around here) and some really colorful ones that I won't list...... :) Oh, yes you can type cute little pictures also. :) ;) :(

I did not know very much about labels, the music business or radio play. They play games - didja know that? I didn't - I thought they just had the artist to record beautiful music, put it on a disc, sent an ample amount to a store for sale and to a radio station for them to play. Boy was I fooled! Yep, they play games. Not hopscotch or jump rope. You do jump through hoops though. I also thought that music lovers were supposed to be able to call a radio station and request to hear their favorite song. Did you know if you did, the DJs get mad at you? They will say that you are harrassing them and then for sure they won't ever play your favorite song?

Thanks Clay - You're still the teacher and I am still learning!

I wouldn't have it any other way!

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14 comments: to “ Clay Aiken Is A Learning Experience

  • Anonymous


    I can ditto everything you said -
    I'm still learning also.
    I've also learned that I'm not keeping my mouth shut against the bashers and creatures that have attacked Clay.
    I use to to - and what good did that do?
    Maybe the mother lion is coming out in me - since Parkers birth???


    I can't even think about how much I learned.
    good stuff and bad stuff -
    maybe things were simpler before I found message boards - but hell my life sure wasn't as much fun and exciting.
    Clay opened up my world.


    That is a good way to put it.

    Clay did open up our world, didn't he? :)

  • Anonymous


    He sure did.
    I even know what a blog is and I got one of those!! :)

    He opened alot up for me -- I never even bothered with air miles before Clay... and I've seen more of the US
    in 4 years than my entire life.

    afterall how many can say they flew to NYC to catch opening night on Broadway - and when waiting for the doors to open - they knew or recognized most of the people there - and hugged people from all over the world who came to see the opening night of the exact same show! then after the show met up again at the famous Sardis !!!



    You said it all! Who knew the technological world AI2's skinny kid from North Carolina would open to his fans when we started this journey five years ago?

    Not to mention all the beautiful music, concert experiences, inclusion/UNICEF awareness, and special friends around the world!

    Great read! Have an awesome day!


  • tnmtma


    I've been tech knowledgable most of my adult life, but the computer "people" interactions were new to me. The most distressing thing I've learned was the complete unreliability of the media, even the so-called legitmate media. I don't believe anything I read or hear from the "news" until I research it myself.

  • Anonymous


    I love the fact that Clay has brought so many of us together and taught us so many life lessions that are useful in other aspects of our lives.

    The computer skills that I've gained alone have increased greatly and I've met my very best friend online through Clay. What more could you ask for?



    Me thinks the Nancy poster up above needs to "grow up" as well... and she SAYS she's 60?

    so who has character flaws huh?

    I love that Clay can do what he wants to and when. It's his life Nancy, not ours. After all, he IS almost 30 years old. Just my opinion Nancy.

  • Anonymous


    Because of Clay I have learned a wealth of things computer-wise but also on how to be a quality human being. I hope the lessons keep on coming!

  • lizzybutts


    Nancy said:"I love this guy but am not oblivious to what appear to be character flaws. I think Clay is showing increasingly egocentric behavior.Grow up quick Clay. Your son needs a mature father not a narcistic brat."

    To love is to trust. Clay has never disappointed me yet. His descisions always seem just right for him. I too am 60 and have learned so much in these past 5 years. One of them being that Clay is probably one of the most mature and caring people I don't know. Those pics of him carrying Parker...perfect. Safe in his Daddy's arms.


    Great blog!
    Finding Clay in 2003 opened a whole new world of things for me.
    One being that a computer is much more than a work machine..it's fun!

    I for one can't imagine life without Clay, Love him to pieces!


    Who knew how adept we'd become at sniffing out trolls (waves to "Nancy").

    JBC, you present a perfect summary of the good and the bad side of what we've learned. Don't let the ugly get to you.

  • Anonymous


    :-0 !! You forgot about that all important "External Drive". (Which first I thought it had something to do with life and success, then it was something I thought was not really necessary). Silly me!! How else can I save all of the avi's, wmv's, flv's and the programs to change them to mp4's 3gpp, 3gp2's etc!!


    I deleted Nancy's comment. There is no excuse for anyone being rude.

    I should have added "trolls" as a learning experience. I always thought they were in the Grimms Fairy Tales. Little did I know that they truly existed.