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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Clay Aiken, Spamalot and Miracles  

This is in reply to whether Clay will be as great in his second run in Spamalot.
Of course he will. Clay always gives his all in whatever his job is.

Here is a wonderful post from
Chexxxy's Place by Joanie.

It amazes me that that the people who think they know Clay and what's best for him haven't a clue to the real Clay Aiken. None of us know what he does in his personal life, and we have no business trying to find out. What we do know is the public Clay Aiken. What the man stands for, what he does to help others in need, and the beautiful voice he shares with us. In five years we've discovered what a talented, witty, kind, generous and loving man he really is.

He's shown us some talents we weren't aware of initially. We know he can dance, though he tells us he can't. We know he can act; the theatre tickets sold for Spamalot proved that. We know he has the respect of Broadway, from the people who worked with him on stage and in the theatre, from the ushers to the box office people. He's received accolades from people behind the scenes as well as the audiences.

He performed under what most would call horrendous conditions. When he was so sick he couldn't even stand up to sing, and with someone sitting in the audience who's tried to ruin his reputation and his career. He's walked miles and miles of bus lines, and signed autographs in freezing cold weather. He's had many M&G's where he sits down and talks with his fans, and had to face fans that also are trying to bring him down for whatever reason.

Then he did something he said he's wanted to do for several years. He fathered a child. He wanted it so badly he did it, knowing what the media, and some fans, would think. Even at the expense of disappointing or even losing some of his fans, Clay did what made him happy.

Clay Aiken is one of the strongest, bravest people out there today. I don't know him personally, but I know he would never just "walk through" a performance.

I want to share Morgan's video call Clay's Miracle.
This complements the above post. The song is Only a Miracle by Kenny Loggins.

**To watch the video, be sure to mute the music player in the side bar.** -->

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39 comments: to “ Clay Aiken, Spamalot and Miracles


    Bravo Joanie & Morgan!!!

    Joanie's word epitomize Clay Aiken and Morgan's video reinforces it.

    Thank you so much for this blog

  • musicfan


    Thank you for this beautiful message. Clay Aiken is the example of hard work. That anyone would think he would "walk through a performance" is beyond belief.

    I am looking forward to seeing Clay Aiken in Spamalot!!

  • Anonymous


    jbc4clay, love the blog. Only a Miracle is indeed Clay Aiken's life and I am so happy for him and Jaymes. joanie, I feel exactly the same way you do. Clay gives 110% every time he hits the stage and then goes on to do bus lines, meet and greets and take pictures back stage. Personally I think he gives more than he should at times. I have no doubt that whenever I spend money on Clay Aiken, I will get more than my money's worth. He hasn't disappointed me yet.


  • medusa


    Wow, that was beautiful, both the words and the video. I am all choked up. Thanks for posting it.


    Great post. Another point is that Clay also would put on an amazing, energetic performance in outdoor venues - in the middle of summer - in searing heat. Talk about a great work ethic!


    I know I watched the video of Clay when he was so sick he had to sit the whole concert and hold on to his stool to keep from falling off.
    He never missed a beat. Then he had to have someone walk him off the stage.
    I think Clay Aiken will be just fine and maybe even better on this second run in Spamalot

  • ckaniac24


    Great blog, jbc4clay. Joanie's post tells it all, and Morgan's video shows it all. Clay Aiken is one WONDERFUL man!


    Wow! He always gives everything to his fans, sick, tired, hurting, he's always there.

  • Anonymous


    I just adore Clay Aiken. He really walks the walk.

  • always and forever


    My goodness! The post by Joanie and the video montage by Morgan are right on target!!

    THIS is the man Clay Aiken really is - he is NOT what some people in the 'back channels' of this fandom want to make him.

    He also is NOT their best friend, their lover, or their confidant, no matter how much they may want him to be.

    He has endured more heartache and hardship in his 29 years than most people are called upon to endure in a lifetime - and he's done it with grace, dignity, and strength.

    For someone to even think that he will not give his all during his Spamalot performances is ridiculous. To voice it in a derogatory fashion is reprehensible and uncalled for.

    If someone doesn't like Clay Aiken, if Clay Aiken doesn't live up to their expectations of what they think he should be, if Clay Aiken is not the entertainer that meets all of their vocal AND unspoken needs.............well, there are dozens of others out there that you they can follow and criticize.

    There is enough anger, frustration, and hate in this world without their adding their own pettiness into it.

    Leave Clay Aiken to those of us who love him, beautiful imperfections and all; who support him, his career, and his humanitarian efforts; who are happy for his happiness, and who are thrilled to see him in performance and in concert.

    Once again - kudos for bringing us that beautiful post by Joanie and that haunting video my Morgan.

    May Clay, Jaymes, and Parker find all the happiness their hearts can hold. I'll do my little part in trying to send some their way.


    Clay Aiken is one of the hardest working professional individuals to hit the music industry, the tv industry, and Broadway. He always gives 120% to whatever he does.


    Awesome post! Clay Aiken is the epitome of hard work and the axiom that the show must go on no matter what. He always gives 200%!

    Parker Foster Aiken is one lucky little guy to have Clay and Jaymes as his parents. Excellent montage by Morgan!

    Looking forward to "Spamalot" reports!



    Hi. Love the post you shared by Joanie. Its what I like about Clay as he stands up for what he believes in and does not let himself be molded into a role by others.

    I have no doubt he will be wonderfull in Spamalot. Wish I could go again. :)

    Thank you also for sharing the montage by Morgan. I really enjoyed wathing it.




    I've never seen Clay Aiken give anything less than 100%, and he usually gives more, no matter what the circumstance. I think he has very high expectations for himself....we needn't worry that Clay will not give his all at every performance!

  • Anonymous


    Clay will put his usual 110% into his next run on Broadway with Spamalot. Anyone who says differently has absolutely no idea who Clay Aiken is.


  • Anonymous


    Wonderful and TRUE comments about Clay Aiken. He's everything everyone here has pointed out. I love this blog. We know the "professional" Clay, but no one knows the "at home" Clay. I like what I see and hear. I'm a fan forever.

  • Anonymous


    Clay Aiken is the best performer I have ever seen, bar none!

  • Anonymous


    Clay Aiken walk through a performence???? What planet are these people from? He gives his all, every time!


    Great blog about the work ethic of Clay Aiken! He gives his all in each and every performance, and the results are always amazingly fabulous, every single time. This run in Spamalot will be, if anything, even better than his first run. I can't wait to see him as Sir Robin again!

  • Anonymous


    Clay Aiken has a fantastic work ethic. He will give more than 100% in Spamalot again. Wish I could see it again. He was so awesome.

  • Anonymous


    I so appreciate Clay Aiken's work ethic. I was beneficiary of the day he had called in sick to Spamalot but decided to go in anyway since Hannah was out as well. That was my only performance. I had flown from California and was only in New York one day. He also signed autographs after that performance, so I feel doubly blessed. He is an amazing, dedicated and thoughtful performer. If he had missed that day I would have understood completely.

  • Anonymous


    Wow, this is a great blog! Thank you for the effort that you are putting into it. Clay Aiken is deserving of such a good fan as yourself.

  • Anonymous


    Clay Aiken's Spamalot run will be great this time around just like it was earily this year. He's a true professional.

  • Jennifer


    I have said all along that the Clay Aiken that we know and love is one of the best performers there is out there today.

    The comments that I have seen people make over the last couple of months have horrified me.

    When did we become Clayton's mother? We didnt. He already has one. When did we becom Clay's manager? We didnt. He already has one. When did we become Clay's conscience? We didnt. He already has one.

    If anyone thinks that Clay is going to skate through anything he does is sadly mistaken and I agree with another poster that said You obviously dont know Clay Aiken at all. The Clay Aiken that performs and entertains us 150% every single time. Even when he's sitting on a stool hanging on for dear life.

    I have watched this boy grow into a wonderful, charming, kind, young man. In every sense of the word.

    May Jaymes, Clay, and Parker have the happy life they deserve together.

    Besides .. Clay doesnt even know how to skate! ;-)

  • Anonymous


    Oh yes he DOES know how to skate *g*!

    Clay Aiken is an amazing man and has my utmost respect in all areas of entertainment and as a person.

    His voice reduces me to a gob of jelly. Wish I could go see him in Spamalot this go round... alas, it's not going to happen. I can't wait to see/hear about Clay at the stage door! Get ready you videographers! We want CLACK!!


  • Anonymous


    Just found your blog by accident. I love that Clay Aiken guy and I'm not afraid to admit it. He's a brave man to stick to his beliefs in the midst of a celebrity obsessed culture. He does walk the walk and that is all that matters. Many blessings to him and his family. Thank you for this poignant entry.

  • Anonymous


    It is fun to stumble onto a site and find out about a wonderful young man named Clay Aiken. Thanks for this site.


    Clay Aiken is a miracle. Great job.

  • Deedee


    Beautifully said , everyone .

    Simply put , I love Clay Aiken .

  • Anonymous


    I love your blog. Clay Aiken is one fine human being. And he sings great too!

  • Anonymous


    Kudos to Joanie on her insightful post about Clay Aiken's work ethic!

    Lovely montage called Miracles as well.


  • Anonymous


    "If anyone thinks that Clay is going to skate through anything he does is sadly mistaken and I agree with another poster that said You obviously dont know Clay Aiken at all. The Clay Aiken that performs and entertains us 150% every single time. Even when he's sitting on a stool hanging on for dear life. "

    I agree 1000% . Clay Aiken gives his all each performance!

  • Anonymous


    Great blog. Clay is one in a million. He always give his all with all his heart. Can't wait to see his return to Spamalot!


    Clay Aiken has never given anything but his best for every performance he has ever done. We have no reason to expect anything less from Clay Aiken. He is a true professional and one of the hardest working and most talented entertainers out there.

  • Anonymous


    I believe that Clay Aiken has one of the best work ethics of anyone in the entertainment industry

  • Anonymous


    Someone is doubting that Clay will be as good in Spamalot the second time around? How ridiculous! From everything that I've seen and heard and read about Clay Aiken, he's one of the most hard working and professional entertainers around! He never lets his audience down. I can't wait to see Spamalot, starring Clay Aiken, again!

  • Anonymous


    In my opinion, Clay Aiken could easily adopt the mantle formerly worn by James Brown, because these days Clay actually is The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Anybody who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken! Joanie's post said it all!


  • Anonymous


    Someone thinks that Clay is going to just skate through his role in Spamalot?!...Hah! Sounds like the usual suspects trying to yank the fan's chains again.

  • Jennifer


    Morgan .. I am sending you my apology right now for not mentioning your montage.

    It was amazing and incredibly well done. Kudos to you! What a beautiful creation.