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Monday, August 11, 2008

"On MY Way Here" and Korean TV  

Chexxxy's Pearls blogged about Clay Aiken's song, "On My Way Here" being used a lot on Korean TV lately. The most recent is the following clip from the Olympic Medal award ceremony honoring the Gold Medal win of Korean swimmer Park Tae-Hwan in the 400m freestyle.

All the Videos below were captured by bloomingclay from the Clayboard.

The captions tell how MBC staffs caught the precious moments of past Olympics.

Here it was used in a special documentary, "Muy Hombre" on MBC for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of their country.

One of three major broadcasts MBC's 'Never Ending Story'(weekly documentary program with in-depth interview of celebrities, sports stars, just normal people,etc) showed the preview of next week's show(about Jackie Chan) and OMWH was used.

It was also used on a program called 'Doctors', a medical reality program which consists of the segment of real emergency situation of hospitals and the segment of doctors helping people who suffer from inveterate disease or disabilities.

This is from KBS(national TV channel) TV program called 'Walking to the world' (travel program).

Looks like they have very good taste in music.

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2 comments: to “ "On MY Way Here" and Korean TV

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for putting all these tidbits together! How wonderful that the beautiful song OMWH was used so often on Korean TV!

    Now US TV has to wake up.


    Korean TV really likes that song OMWH. Wow it was so appropriately used. I hope Clay Aiken knows the international world is embracing his music.