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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clay Aiken - On His Way Here - AI2 Rewind - Part 1  

Clay Aiken - On His Way Here - AI2 Rewind Series - Part 1

Clay first auditioned in Charlotte, but as he says - He got cut!
The first video is from that auditon.
It was not shown in the American Idol Two Rewind.
I just hate not including it in this series.
*To watch the videos - mute the mp3 player in the sidebar.* ----->

With determination - Clay took off to Atlanta.
This is the start of the AI2 Rewind segments. The videos only show Clay's performances.
It is amazing to see Clay's growth from the first video until the last and to where he is today.
I hope you will enjoy this series as much as the pre-idol series.

What next?

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16 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - On His Way Here - AI2 Rewind - Part 1


    Wow..........this really brings back so many memories. I am so glad that Clay decided to audition for AI. It's almost like a gained a good friend.


    I could go on and on about the American Idol auditions and how much I dislike those shows (stopped watching that part of the show during Season 3 and completely stopped watching the show *except one little exception* about half way through AI5. How many Clay Aiken's do you think they let go so they could squeeze in a few more William Hungs?

    Clay has the most amazing range and his transformation has been breath taking. Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories!!!

  • Anonymous


    The Atlanta audition started it all for many Clay Aiken fans. I remember hearing it and thinking how good he was but knew Simon didn't really like him from the beginning.

  • claniac24


    I'm so glad you brought back Clay Aiken's auditions for AI. I hope you're planning to bring us ALL of Clay's performances throughout AI2.
    Ah, the memories....


    Wow! That hardly looks like Clay Aiken any more. What a difference 5 years can make. I can't wait to see what color hair he has this time. I bet it's dark again to match Parker.


    I've been watching the AIR series on TV and I hate all the stuff they left out. I missed alot because I never found Clay until he sang solitaire - his voice just caught my ear when I was doing something else - and I sat down and watched and the rest is history.


    I was hooked on Clay right from the Atlanta audition. I like watching the good auditions. Not the bad ones so much. The novelty of those wore off pretty fast.

  • Anonymous


    What a trip to the past! He looks so different now! Clay Aiken is now incredibly handsome and my, has his voice gotten better too.


  • dee


    Clay Aiken's voice was stunning in Charlotte . It has been ages since I've seen that clip . Thanks .


    Thanks so much for featuring these two Clay Aiken videos. His auditions were so far above the rest.

    I watched the American Idol Rewind the first time it aired. They sure cut a lot of great stuff out! BLEH!

    I am so over American Idol. It is a shell of its former self..even a fourth judge can't resurrect it.

  • Anonymous


    This is fun! I get to watch all the video that I missed on AI rerun. I've got my popcorn...bring it on.


    I just watched that early clip. You could already see Clay Aiken's humor when he pretended that the 88 was upsidedown. Not sure if the judges understood it, though.

    Funny, how important the 8's have now become in Clay Aiken's life.



    Thnx for replaying the AI2 memories with a series on AI2 Rewind. I enjoy your Clay Aiken "looks back."

    Have a great week!



    Clay has come a long way in the Looks Department since then, but the voice was as golden as ever. No change there.


    I love your blog so much! Sometimes I just click on it to listen to the music...


    I really enjoyed these AI2 Rewind clips of Clay Aiken, especially his Charlotte audition (from the newscast). Wow, he was just as phenomenal then as he is now!