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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clay Aiken - On His Way Here - AI2 Rewind - Part 3  

The first video is the Hollywood eliminations.
Clay sings a portion of Unchained Melody with crystal clarity.
Paula loves him and says "He has integrity. He is who he is. He is adorable."
Simon rolls his eyes - under his breath he says "He's great." and Randy says "This guy can sing. I got to give it up to him, he can sing."
In the mean time - Clay's chin is propped on Trenyce's knee.....

*To watch the video - mute the mp3 player in the sidebar ----->

This next video is Group 2 of the 4 groups. I am only posting this one because it is Clay's Group. I have a hard time watching this one because only two were pulled from the group and Clay was not one of them.

What next?

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