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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clay Aiken - What If?  

Clay made this little speach back in 1999.
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I wonder if Clay knew what was coming down his path? If Quiana did not "beat" him in his first American Idol audition? If he was not stuborn and did not make that trip to Atlanta. If Paula was there that day? If Clay sang a different song?

Clay has always said that he did not want to temp faith. He always left the door open to whatever God had planned for him. I cannot imagine him going down a different path. I cannot imagine not having that voice in my life.

Would Clay be working with Unicef or have the Bubel Aiken Foundation? Would he be married and have his two point whatever children and the principal of a school?

But - How many children with disabilities would have missed out on their camping experiences. How many children without disabilities would have missed out on the joy and the learning experiences that this inclusion program has brought? How many children on foreign soils would have died?

Would he be singing for us? Have a record label? Would he have met Clive Davis or Neil Sedaka? Would he have met Diane Sawyer or Mike Nichols? Would he have met the Fosters or shook the hand and sing for the President of the United States? Would he be performing on Broadway? Would he be in our lives at all?

Clay has said that he would not change anything that he has been through, the good or the bad, because he has learned through all of his experiences.

I am so glad that he walked that path and that he is such a strong person. Titanium!

What next?

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