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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clay Aiken - On His Way Here - AI2 Rewind - Part 9  

This video is from American Idol Rewind for Season Two.

The theme was Billboard's Number One Hits.
The guest judge was Lionel Richie.

Clay sang "At This Moment".

Randy was impressed. He said he could blow and definitely really, really sing but didn't care for the song choice.

Richie said he was in awe that all of that was coming out of his body. He said he pulled the song off with power and conviction and did a great job.
Paula said she didn't think he had enough urgency and heartbreak in the song but was a huge fan.

Simon said that Randy didn't have a clue and the song was perfect and on the money.
As before - This is only Clay's performance.

Rickey Smith was eliminated.

Please visit Chardonnay's blog and watch her video. It is wonderful. http://clayigraphy.blogspot.com/

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4 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - On His Way Here - AI2 Rewind - Part 9


    I truly hate agreeing with Simon, but that was one of my favorite American Idol performances. I rediscovered it recently and was blown away by Clay's range.

    Thank you!! I love this trip down memory lane!!!


    What a wonderful stroll down memory lane with Clay's performance of At This Moment. He's such a great performer. I can't wait to see him perform again in concert.


    At This Moment, another on my list of best performances. LOL, guess they all are.

    Paula's comment is one I have never understood, to me the song was perfect, any more heartbreaking and I'd be bawling to hard to hear it!
    Thanks for the memories.



    Another great recap of AI2 Rewind! Just can't get enough of these shows reminiscing the months we first got to know Clay Aiken.

    Thnx for stopping by the Carolina blog. Have a super weekend!