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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miracle on The Hudson Video  

The above video was made by starfishy2000 and the song is sung by Clay Aiken.

There are so many "what if's" that surrounds what took place this past Thursday when Chelsey B. Sullenberger used the Hudson River as a runway.  It is said that a flock of birds took out the engines on Flight 1549.

By Peter Greenberg
Travel Contributor
NBC News

Pilot Sullenberger’s first stroke of luck? Timing. If those two engines had shut down seconds earlier — or even later — the outcome could have been very different. For one thing, many passengers were apparently still strapped in.

“And there weren’t any food carts [that] needed to be stowed,” adds Casey.

The second piece of luck? The weather. There were no winds or waves.

“It was fortunate that the Hudson River was smooth,” says Casey. “If it was in the Atlantic, the waves and swells probably would have resulted in something different. There are just so many variables that could have taken place.”

And something else made Jan. 15 a very lucky day for 155 people — the fact that the pilot decided on a water landing. There were no obstacles directly in his path, but there were lots of boats nearby to act as first responders.

“The Hudson River gets an awful lot of traffic,” says Casey. “You have maritime traffic, you have helicopters, you have private planes... So he didn’t have time to negotiate a path for himself. Everybody has to get out of his way — if in fact there were people in his way.”

Here is a link to the full article by Mr. Greenburg.  Miracle on the Hudson: What Went Right

This was truly a miracle.  

What next?

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4 comments: to “ Miracle on The Hudson Video

  • Anonymous


    "Grace of God" is one of my favorite songs on that CD. It didn't use to be. Then I thought how true the song the song is when you listen to the lyrics. In the case of this flight, by the grace of God a bad event turned out well.


    I like the way Anonymous up there thinks. This was truly a miraculous event which I believe must have had a touch of God's hands. But that Captain Sullenberger has some pretty amazing hands too. In fact, I think I'd like to marry him. Ok... nevermind.

  • kim


    I'd like to think we'd all have a Captain Sullenberger in the cockpit of our planes. What an amazing man and what an amazing story..

    Thanks for the clip - it was great!


    So often I think, "there but for the grace of God." What a wonderful montage and the song fits perfectly.