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Sunday, January 25, 2009


video by uraban

I was reading today on the Clay Aiken Message Boards and came across this wonderful post by ymarie at Clay's Official Fan Club.


Is it the hip-hop singer who cries foul when he doesn't win?
Or the pop-singer who came in second and was nothing but happy for the friend who won.

Is it the man who dances half-naked in semi-pornographic videos?
Or the man who gently picks up a lady from her wheelchair to dance with her on stage.

Is it the man who yells at a child for crying?
Or the man who sings softly to a child to calm her fears.

Is it the man who laments "Why me"?
Or the man who asks "Why not?"

Is it the star who won't share the stage with anyone who might take the focus off him?
Or the star who is excited to show off the talent of those he calls friends.

Is it the star who is three hours late, then can't understand why his fans are upset?
Or the star who holds onto a stool for dear life so he wouldn't disappoint his fans.

Is it the man who tells the world how great he is?
Or the man who gets embarrassed when others tell him how much he means to them.

Is it the man who owns 300 pairs of jeans, just because he can?
Or the man who recycles clothes so as not to be wasteful.

Is it the man who demands to be waited on hand and foot?
Or the man who believes in a life of service to others.

Is it the man who writes a memoir to brag about his accomplishments?
Or the man who bared his soul about his early life in hopes it would help someone else.

Is it the man who blames others for his failings?
Or the man who keeps trying until he succeeds.

Is it the man who holds a press conference to announce he is donating a new wing to the hospital?
Or the man who quietly visits a sick child in the hospital, with only the family and a night nurse to witness it.

Is it the rap-star that begs the Arab oil-producing nations to give him a break because the gas for his private jet costs too much?
Or the UNICEF Ambassador who travels to dangerous areas of the world at his own expense, to bring awareness to the deplorable conditions children face.

Is it the man who doesn't want to have to deal with fans?
Or the man who lets his fans verbally abuse him, then quietly sings he will be right here waiting with open arms, if and when they are ready to come back.

Is it the man who won't take responsibility for the children he's fathered?
Or the man who risked everything to be able to live an honest and open life for his son.

Is it the size of his ego?
Or the size of his heart.

If you took all those other men and rolled them together, they still wouldn't measure up to 1/10t
h of the man Clay Aiken is.

Thank you ymarie for giving your consent for this to be shared.

What next?

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