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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clay Aiken - Through My Filters - by Outback  

This morning Outback made a wonderful post on a Clay Aiken message board. I loved it so much that I saved it in my "favorite posts" file on my computer. Truth Rules loved it so much that she blogged it. SueReu loved it so much that she linked to Truth Rules blog. I hope you love it as much as we do.
Clay Aiken is an amazing man and he can sing, too.
Clay Aiken - Through My Filters
by Outback

If I have learned anything about Clay Aiken over the last 6 years, it's that he beats to his own drummer, he is very unique, and he doesn't suffer fools gladly.

This is how I see Clay through my filters:
Exceptionally talented to the point that he could master just about anything he puts his mind to.
Sexy to the point that straight women want to be gay men (or is that just me?)
Fascinating to the point that even idiots who claim they hate him can't stop themselves from searching out everything there is to read about him.
Intelligent to the point that he learns quickly and doesn't forget, bides his time for the right opportunities to present themselves, impresses some of the biggest names in TV and Broadway, carefully plots his future to assure that he will be in the entertainment business for the long haul (not a one trick pony)
Charismatic to the point that when people actually meet him, they want more, and he wins them over one at a time.
Unpredictable to the point that even his fans who follow everything that the poor man does never know what his next move is going to be. (Frustrating but fun, never a dull moment)
Philanthropic to the point that he put his life on the line visiting devastated, dangerous, war torn countries and gave up Christmas to sing and play with children in a flood ravaged Mexico.
Quick witted and hilarious to the point that he has late night comics and their guests laughing, he conquered the role of Sir Robin with his "quick wit and comedic timing" on Broadway, and my favorite, he captures an audience on tour in the palm of his hand with his one liners, zingers and complete stage presence. Again, leaving the audience wanting more.
Handsome to the point that he makes grown women drool and offer to sell their firstborn to get a close look at him. (Or is that just me?)
Resilient to the point that he has endured years of mockery, name calling, lies, defamation, and bullying without a word. He just walks tall, plows through all of the mountains that have been thrown in his path.
Empathetic to the point that he allowed 2 weeks of "free speech" at his own Fan Club when he came out. Who does that? He amazed me when he did that, but he is a man with a heart, patience and so wise for his young age.
Loves children to the point that he found a way as a gay man to have a child of his own. He protects that child from the prying eyes of the media, fans and haters. I respect that.

He has walked through the fire and rose up through the ashes indeed. I have never lost faith in him. He continues to fascinate me with the way he runs his life to achieve the goals that he has set for himself. I love being his fan and absolutely cannot wait to see where he takes us next.

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11 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - Through My Filters - by Outback


    I absolutely adore this post by outback!! her filters are also mine. Clay has it ALL!!!!

    thanks, jbc, for posting this!! and thanks Truth Rules for blogging it first!! and thanks outback for writing it!!!


    I'm right behind you once again, SueReu, on handing out compliments again today, for this awesome blog. It is just as exciting to read it today, as when I first saw it. I love it, and it holds true for so many devoted, dedicated fans of a marvelous man.


    This great post is spot on! Thanks for sharing it! I am proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken!


    Great blog and a right on description of Clay Aiken. Love him.


    The BEST description of Clay Aiken!!

    Thank-you so much for articulating this so well.. he is so worth any and all of the time I share in this fan-dom.. I so love Clay Aiken, he is a wonder!!

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for posting jbc4clay. Clay Aiken is one of a kind, there is NO ONE like him. He is such a multi-faceted person and fascinating to be a fan of. I really cannot wait to see what he does next. I hope it includes music because I just love to hear that man sing.


  • fgs


    Loved your blog, it's the way fans feel about Clay--he is unique. Love his voice, but whatever he does next will be done well and I'll be watching.


    It's nice to see that so many agree with Outback.

  • Anonymous


    With all the wonderful things fans have written about Clay Aiken for 6years, this ranks right up there among the best.

    I love it so much I'm using it in one of my Clay scrapbooks.


    All the great things outback wrote about Clay Aiken are true. That's what makes it so wonderful!!

  • Anonymous


    Clay Aiken is so awesome live in concert. When I saw him a few years ago, he blew me away with his voice and showmanship.
    Clay get out there and record something new! You can have it all!