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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Very Best of Clay Aiken Review  

In reading the message boards, several posted a review of "The Very Best of Clay Aiken" that was over at amazon.com.  I don't know Barry.  I looked at his other reviews and he covers a variety of different items and does a very good job.  He and I agree that the remastering was wonderfully done.  Some are saying that there is no difference in the sound. I disagree.  The sound is clearer and richer.  Clay's voice is more out front on many of them and the flow from one song to the other is excellent.

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect collection - Amazing price!!April 4, 2009
By barry (Boston, MA United States) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)       
What an amazing treat this release is. There is no other artist that can take a song and make it his own with intense emotional readings and a vocal range that soars and has no limits like Clay Aiken. He has released some albums that display his true gift and versatility but as with any artist there are always standouts on each release. 

Here we are given the very best of Clay Aiken and combined it produces a track list that is perfection. The greatest addition is his spellbinding rendition of BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS which before was only available as a single. To have that together with SOLITAIRE, THIS IS THE NIGHT and ON THE WINGS OF LOVE is amazing. Listening to a collection like this that spans all the years of his career shows strongly that he has only gotten better over time. The later tracks like ASHES, ON MY WAY HERE and THE REAL ME display the true musical craftsman Clay is as he makes each song a true emotional journey. And one of my favorites MEASURE OF A MAN is here as well. 

I think that creating this PLAYLIST SERIES which will provide the greatest hits and best tracks of artists at a great price is a wonderful idea. If you were to download all these songs from their various sources and put them on an ipod or even a disc the clarity of each source would vary. Here we get all the tracks digitally remastered superbly for the greatest listening experience possible. This cd is a must have for all Clay Aiken fans but it also serves as a great introduction to anyone who wants to explore his music. I also highly recommend this cd to anyone who values true quality music for few artists possess the musical talent and interpretive skills of Clay Aiken. 

Highly recommended.

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5 comments: to “ The Very Best of Clay Aiken Review


    Wasn't that review just terrific! Thanks for posting it.
    I'm waiting for my CD to arrive in the mail, but I'm sure it will sound wonderful.
    Happy Easter!

  • Anonymous


    I agree with this reviewer. I love this CD, it brings you back to the beginning of Clay Aikens career and right up to his last album. I love the flow of the album and the voice is killer as always.

  • Anonymous


    Love this CD! IT really is TVBOCA!



    TVBOCA is wonderful! Thnx for sharing this review by a person who appreciates Clay Aiken's music as we do.

    Thank you, too, for your kind remarks in the current Carolina entry. Good to see you in the blogs again.

    Have an awesome week!


  • Anonymous


    Love this album! Play it everyday in the car on the way to work!