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Friday, June 05, 2009

Tweeting, Following Blogs and Clay Aiken  

Many years ago I did a search on the internet for the name Clay Aiken.

Little did I know when I did that how my life would change.  I found him singing This is The Night on The Miss America Pageant.  Well, I have been following him ever since.  

I am following him with a Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.  A little while back I blogged about how the guy changed my life by inadvertently introducing me to so many electronic and technical aspects of this fandom.  Along with that, I am tweeting on Twitter, writing blogs, decorating and posting on Myspace and meeting people on Facebook.  Thank you Clay Aiken.

Tweeting on Twitter can be a lot of fun or as Clay has said "it is the devil".  I found that out this past week.  I was stalked by a "nutso stalker".  But with the fun part, read some very interesting and fun post by some great fans.  Be careful with the "nutso stalker" and embrace the great fans. 

I have read some wonderful blogs in the Clay Aiken fandom.  Tonight I read one called "Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert & Fan Wars" you can find it here http://clayaikenjourney.blogspot.com/.  
I have learned that the fans of one Clay Aiken do their research.  This is a very thought out blog and is straight, to the point and very informative.  It is a good read.

Another blog I read today is one that I did a blog on a few weeks back.   It is fairly new and has a staff of very gifted fans, The Clay Aiken News Network.  I liked the blog from yesterday.  They were talking about Clay's fondation, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.  They also did their research and listed many stats and the foundation's goals.  Also mentioned is about Clay's desire to change the Foundation's name to something that would reflect more on the purpose of the foundation.

I will continue tweeting while watching out for the "nutso stalker", reading blogs and embracing the fans.  Of course, while following Clay Aiken.

What next?

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13 comments: to “ Tweeting, Following Blogs and Clay Aiken


    Thank you for this great blog.

    I do believe that Clay fans are the best around....and they are pretty smart too. They aren't fooled very often by the silly games some play.

    I am sorry that you were stalked. From what I hear, the guy is a real NUT JOB!!

    Again, a great blog!!


    That Clay Aiken - always the teacher!! I've learned to blog (thank you for linking my current blog), play with pictures (you can see one of my creations on the also mentioned Clay Aiken News Network) and do video montage things (although that one has dried up - wahhhhh!!!!!).

    I've also seen the dark side of humanity - and I gotta say it is not pretty (as a matter of fact, it looks like one of those frogs with those big bulging eyes).

    Thanks for the blog and I'll open up my tweet deck and retweet (more things I've learned from Clay, although it IS the Devil)

  • Anonymous


    I spent a lot of years working with current technology, but the Clay Aiken fandom taught me more than all the projecta I worked on. What a blast it's been!

    Too bad you caught the notice of the "nutso stalker!" What a freakin' wack job he is!


    Awww, great blog! You had a freakin STALKER following you? Just ewwww!

    Now you know how Clay feels ...yuck!



    Real Clay fans are the best!

    Great blog :)

    Have a good weekend!

  • Pat


    I have no idea how to tweet, or chirp, or twitter, or whatever it is. :)

    So, when YOU do any of the above, please tweet that this particular fan LOVES Clay Aiken. (and hopefully nutso stalker will leave you alone)


    Great Blog JBC. It really is amazing how much we all have learned by being a fan of Clay Aiken.

    Thanks for the links to the other blogs. I will go check them out.

  • Anonymous


    Great Blog JBC!!! It's way bad that some take the joy out of everything good in our world!!


    Thanks for the great blog, jbc! Following Clay Aiken, his music, his many other career paths and the wonderful work he does with his foundation is a great pasttime. Too bad scary, creepy, nutso stalkers take it too far.


    Sorry that creepy crazy stalker was stalking you. He has no life. Love that you have a blog and are enjoying Mr. Aiken!!

  • Anonymous


    I am also one of those people who was influenced by Clay Aiken to learn how to use and follow him on the fan boards.

  • fgs


    Seems like everyone should know by now that Clay has a STALKER following him on the internet, posting where Clay is at in real time, and believing he has some effect on Clay's life. STALKER also harasses Clay's fans and is working at starting Clay/Adam fan wars. Clay's fans want no part of that.



    I think most Clay Aiken fans who venture into Twitter, the Internet, etc., have run into similar situations. I'm truly sorry you have been stalked.

    Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. We will just keep postig the real side of Clay Aiken that, sadly, many don't get due to these evil influences.