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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Clay Aiken and the Fourth of July  

My favorite Fourth of July. Clay singing at the Capitol 4th Celebration in 2004.

Enjoy the video by Yollie950.

Be sure and mute the player in the side bar to hear the video.

Here are some words from Clay today.
He took the time to be in touch with his fans.

Let freedom ring!

Hi all.

I wanted to drop in and say Happy 4th to everyone. The weather in Raleigh is quite nice today. Hope wherever you are you;re able to enjoy the day and time with friends. In traveling for UNICEF these past four years, I’ve really been given a great opportunity to see first hand how fortunate we are in this country to have some of the rights we have. It makes celebrating the birth of our nation more poignant when I think about those in countries who don’t have some of the basic freedoms that we take for granted. If you see a service man or woman today thank them for the role they play (or have played) in making sure that the dream and vision that our founding fathers had 233 years ago has stayed intact.

Hope your holiday is great. Talk soon. c

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