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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yes, Clay Aiken Is Looking Good  

I was looking through my pictures of Clay Aiken today and thought about the many looks he has had since the beginning of his career. What the media called the nerdie look, his spikey look, the long hair, short hair and many different styles.

The fans can tell you exactly when and where the styles were. We know if it was the AI hair, JBT hair, AIW hair, JKL hair, SR&HPT, GMA hair, JNT hair and the year and month.

Many everyday people only know of his spikey hair from American Idol. They do not realize how Clay has grown, matured and became even more handsome, if that is even possible.

Here are some photos from over the years. I would have posted more, but there are so many and they are hard to choose. I also had to find photos that were not tagged.

Do you know when and where these were taken?













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