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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Has A New Name!  

This is what we were greeted with today when entering Clay Aiken's Official Fan Club. How excited Clay is with the wonderful growth and amazing work that The Bubel/Aiken Foundation has done the past 6 years.
Now his and Diane Bubel's foundation has a new name -
National Inclusion Project.
Congratulations go to Clay and Diane for fufilling their dreams and goals and for their work to come under this new name.

Bubel/Aiken becomes National Inclusion Project

We are so proud to launch the National Inclusion Project. As our foundation grows, so does its impact. In order to better reach the ever growing goals we have for this foundation, we felt that a new name would better suit our position as a national leader on inclusion as well as recognize the Foundation's start and the efforts of its faithful supporters.

The National Inclusion Project is poised to continue to make an impact with thousands of children nationwide as well as raise the national consciousness about the need for and benefits of inclusion. We are excited beyond measure to see Clay's original "project" become one that so many people have invested time, energy, and dollars in to see doors opened for children who may have never gotten the opportunity to participate in life the way their peers do. The National Inclusion Project is moving forward hand-in-hand with supporters, families, program providers, and other advocates to see the vision of full inclusion nationwide become a reality. Please join us in our push to make a difference in communities all over the country.

Be sure and visit the website - http://www.inclusionproject.org/
Also these blogs for more info -

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11 comments: to “ The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Has A New Name!


    I am so amazed and proud of Clay Aiken. He and Diane have created a wonderful foundation and have helped so many children....all in 6 years!!

    Thank you for this informative blog!!


    a big congrats to Clay Aiken, Diane Bubel and the rest of the folk at National Inclusion Project!!!

    They are doing an AMAZING job!!!!

    Thank you jbc!!!


    The Bubel/Aiken foundation may have a new name, but it's the same wonderful, amazing cause!! Congratulations to Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel for six very successful years of making childrens' dreams come true!!

  • fgs


    A new name that reflects the goals of the foundation. Congrats to Clay Aiken on this endeavor.

  • qcchemgal


    What a day, a new name, a new journey to follow with Clay. I'm excited that this name is now self explanatory. Congrates to Clay and Diane for all their efforts, past and future.


    I am so happy for Clay and the future of this organization. NIP is a perfect name.


    What a wonderful day today, to see this foundation {The Bubel Aiken Foundation} come to complete fruition, with a new name, and new dreams, plans, and new ideas .This is a good thing as the new name{National Inclusion Project} will bring widespread notoriety. Clay, Diane, Aaron, and the rest of the team should be so damn proud of it all. Thanks jbc, for spreading the joy today, too.Oh, and THANKS for the lead in songs too. :-)


    Congratulations to Clay Aiken, Diane Bubel and everyone who has worked so tirelessly and selflessly toward the goal of inclusion for all.

    I'm proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken!

  • clayam


    congratulation Clay Aiken and Diane for creating this foundation for kids.



    What a great day for the National Inclusion Project, Clay Aiken, and Diane Bubel as the mission continues!

    Have an awesome weekend!


  • PaulaBear


    Today Clay Aiken has another reason to celebrate. It is the first birthday of his beautiful son. Congratulations once again, Clay!