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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clay Aiken - OMG, another name for PBS?  

Ever since the night of March the 12th, 2010 - I have read review after review of the taping of a certain PBS Special. All descriptions of this special (concert) has been an acronym - OMG. I thought this was a PBS Special, but it looks like it has been renamed an OMG Special.

Clay Aiken has a new CD being released June 1, 2010 and this special is to be an introduction for Tried and True - that long awaited CD under Clay Aiken's new label - DECCA.

The concert taped at the Raleigh's Memorial Auditorium, airs sometimes in June on many local PBS stations. It consisted of many songs from that new CD and many songs that did not make the CD. All of these songs are timeless classics.

Me, not being able to attend said concert went on a search on many of the Clay Aiken fan boards trying to find out from the members that were able to attend what it was like. The majority of the "recaps" were OMG!
Many were stunned, many were speechless, the word magic was in that description. I did find out that Clay's vocals were the best they ever heard. He was very happy and confident. He put his touch on every song. He owned the song. Then again I read - OMG!

I am looking forward to this OMG Special. I hope PBS doesn't mind it being renamed. But - I think they will understand. It is Clay Aiken, ya know.

What next?

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17 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - OMG, another name for PBS?


    OMG sums it up nicely :D

    I was extremely fortunate to attend the PBS taping premiering Clay Aiken's Tried & True CD. I am more excited now then I was before (if that is at all possible)

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Is it June yet???

  • anaturegirl


    I, like you, had to wait for the reports from those who were lucky to attend. So looking forward to both the PBS special and Clay Aiken's new CD.

  • Anonymous


    What a nice blog this is! Clay's PBS concert was awesome! He sounded great, and the show kept me spellbound!


    Thank you!

  • Sandi


    I think you've summed up that night perfectly. It was an O.M.G. night.


    jbc, I was there and OMGOMGOMG!!! sums it up for me! Fantastic, out of this world, amazing, spectacular...I could go on and on!! I can't wait for everyone to see it when it airs on PBS!!!

  • Anonymous


    Can't wait to watch the OMG Special!


    I was lucky enough to be there and OMG is the perfect name. Clay Aiken outdid himself on March 12 and took singing to a whole new level. I just cannot wait to see it on PBS and I am so looking forward to the beautiful new album.

  • claysweetea


    I had to give up some great tickets because I couldnt go. I was crushed and heartsick, but at the same time so happy for Clay and all of you that did go. Your recaps warmed my heart. I am so excited. OMG is all I can say. That is all I can say when Im around him. OMG, OMG, OMG.



    You are right. From all the recaps of Clay Aiken's PBS taping, the most used description was "OMG"! I am looking forward to the telecast.

    Thank you for stopping by the Carolina blog. Have a great weekend!



    You got it! It was the OMG concert!
    I'm so happy I decided to make the trip. It was so much more than I thought it was going to be. It's always that way at a Clay concert, and this time it was OMG mooooore!
    Still need to see it as I watched through my binoculars and watching his expressions and hearing that voice, put me out, so can hardly wait for PBS show. Thank you for your wonderful blog.


    a week or so ago, a friend told me about google alerts and, of course, i put in <3<3<3 clay aiken <3<3<3. and, today, your blog came up. i'm always late to the party, so to speak, and it's the first time i've seen your blogsite...i love it! i am going to post it to our fb ClayNation group as soon as i've finished here so that others who don't know about it may enjoy your great site, too!
    i did get to see <3<3<3 omc <3<3<3 at the omg special and he was superb!


    OMG for certain. The Clay Aiken taping for PBS was outstanding!!


    I wasn't able to attend the Clay Aiken PBS taping. However, after reading all the recaps and hearing how great the concert was, I'm even MORE excited for it to come on TV.

  • Anonymous


    Thank you Jan. I am so looking forward to the OMG!! Special.

  • musicfan123


    Thank you for this great blog. OMG for sure!!

    I am excited for the future of more OMG moments with Clay Aiken

  • joanie


    After reading tons of recaps from fans who attended the show, I can't wait to see The Man on PBS.

    I think Clay has, through years of hard work, finally found his niche. He seems very happy, and his voice is better than ever.

    Hope this is a new beginning for Clay.