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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Clay Aiken's Unchained Melody - Tried and True Tour Info  

If you are a Clay Aiken fan - you know that there is a Clay Aiken Tour coming up in February.

This tour is centered around his latest album, Tried and True, an amazing album of amazing songs and that voice!

Tried and True Tour

The video below is of Clay singing Unchained Melody on The View back in June. Clay is thrilled to have his own version of this song. Unchained Melody is one of the songs from his new CD - Tried and True. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To listen to it - mute the player in the side bar.

I believe now that Clay Aiken owns that song the same way he owns Solitaire.

This video of Unchained Melody is from Clay's PBS Special that was filmed in Raleigh, NC.

What next?

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16 comments: to “ Clay Aiken's Unchained Melody - Tried and True Tour Info


    I can't wait until Clay Aiken's tour starts in Feb.!!! It is going to be amazing just like all of his other tours! UM is Clay's song now! His version is perfection! Thanks for blogging jbc!!

  • mrbaconclayaiken17


    I so can't wait to see Clay UM in March along with other great songs. Also I can't wait to see all the Clack and pics from this tour. It's going to be lots of fun.


  • musicfan123


    Thank you for all this information. I feel lucky that I get to see Clay in March. He is a real talent.

    He has made Unchained Melody his own.


    I am so looking forward to this tour. It seems much longer than a few months ago that we saw him in the Timeless Tour. It was a great tour, but this will be even better because it is just him. I agree that he has made UM his own. Those honey smooth vocals and then reaching for the sky. Incredible.

    I love signing into this blog and hearing Both Sides Now. Beautiful.

  • tnmtmama


    I have M&G tickets for the Charlotte show and I'm so excited! I have never been closer than stage-to-audience to the Man, so this is a big deal for me!!!


    I am so excited to see Clay Aiken in San Francisco on March 12th!! BRING IT ON!! This version is Unchained Melody is gorgeous


    Clay Aiken's version of UM is the best ever. I'm seeing him in Houston and can't wait!!


    Thanks for the blog. It's so exciting to see Clay's tour dates, knowing it's just around the corner!

    IMO he sings the best version of UM that I ever heard! LOVE IT!

  • claysweetea


    The Tried and True tour cant come soon enough for me even though I wa fortunate enough to see him in Chicago and Raleigh. Thanks for the tour date list and the beautiful video of Unchained Melody.

  • littleone


    I am so looking forward to seeing Clay in Feb. Since I was not able to see him last summer at the Timeless Tour, I am having major Clay withdrawal symptoms.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for the videos! I LOVE his voice and I LOVE Clay Aiken!!



    Thank you for shining the spotlight on Clay Aiken's outstanding new version of "Unchained Melody." It should be a show stopper during the upcoming Tried & True Tour!

    Have an awesome week!


  • Anonymous


    The Righteous Brothers will forever "own" this song. "The note" is what "makes" Bobby Hatfield's version definitive, and Clay's decision to alter that section was a major blunder.

  • fgs


    Everyone knows that Clay Aiken has no problem hitting "the note", he did it on American Idol and many times in concerts after that. In all the videos and concerts I've never heard him miss "the note". David Foster made him sing it again and again when Clay was a special guest at David and friends concerts.

    The song was becoming boring and I love the new arrangement Ben wrote especially for Clay. Heard him sing it "live" twice and it was "wow"! Really enjoyed it, but to each their own. isn't the freedom to choose a good thing?


    Wonderful thing about music, it's personal to each listener. Oh, I loved The Righteous Bros. original version was outstanding. When I heard Clay's version with Ben Cohn's arrangement, I was stunned at its power and beauty. He made it his own, certainly.


    To Anonymous - January 16, 2011,

    One of the great things about music is that there are as many interpretations as there are songs out there. While some will always be partial to the original, or the most popular, or the version they first heard there is room for all. Some may not like the way that Ben Cohn altered the arrangement of Unchained Melody, but others will disagree and appreciate it – not comparing it to the original, but on its own merits. Personally, I’m glad that there are arrangers and singers out there willing to take a gamble and mix it up – makes life, and music, more interesting. I have always enjoyed The Righteous Brothers version. I like their first version the best - their remake not as much as the first.

    Al Hibbler, Jimmy Young, Ricky Nelson, The Supremes, Roy Orbision and Elvis Presley also recorded Unchained Melody, just to name a few.

    Reaction to music is very subjective. To me, Clay's rendition can't be beat. Clay made the song his own.

    Thank you so much for your comment.