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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why is this song not receiving any radio air time?  

It does not make a bit of sense to me and to many fans.
Bring Back My Love is beautiful and is Clay Aiken at his best.

Montage by LovesClaysVoice.

According to one radio station program director, for it to be considered in being added to a playlist, it must have solid support from a good number of other AC stations and/or show positive movement on the Mediabase Chart

(To be added to a radio playlist it has to be played on the radio and be moving up the chart to be played on the radio.  Gotcha!)

How can this song, or any song be considered in being added to a radio playlist, if no one hears it?  
From what many have seen on yes.com is that Bring Back My Love - when it is played, it is played overnight.   Many people do not even listen to the radio at night unless you are a truck driver. 
It is also noted that when requested, we are told either they don't have the song or cannot play the song until it is added the playlist.  
OK then....

A DJ even told that to one fan.  He said he would love to play Bring Back My Love, he really like it but he valued his job and could not play it until it was added to the playlist. 

 An internet DJ tweeted that he did not understand why it is not at the top of the charts because it is great.  He can play it.

Bring Back My Love is a track on Steadfast, Clay's next CD that is to be released March 26, 2012. 

Hopefully DECCA Records  will be behind it and will push to get it played.  

As one fan said and I agree - "I hate radio politics!"

What next?

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16 comments: to “ Why is this song not receiving any radio air time?


    Definitely a mystery as to how radio "politics" works in this day and age. Radio, itself, is struggling to survive so it would be nice if one time I could hear something I like on the radio. For example Bring Back My Love!! ;-)


    I don't understand how radio works either, only that it is pretty much corrupt and controlled by the record companies, not by the listeners. As to why Clay is not getting more promotion, I can only hope that it is coming. Clay is a great artist, and Bring Back My Love is a great song, and they deserve to be heard.

  • Anonymous


    I can think of one word that keeps Clay Aiken's beautiful song from being played on the radio.... Payola!

  • Anonymous


    I hope Decca does right by Clay and gets this beautiful song and the Steadfast cd out to the masses. Sadly I will be shocked if they do since I have no faith in them. I gave up listening to radio long ago. The same few songs are just played over and over again.

  • musicfan123


    What a great topic. It really is a puzzle...Radio is a scam and it is a shame that true artists cannot get their music played.

    I had the opportunity to sit with a well-known pop musician on a plane a few months ago. He said that it was not worth worrying about the radio because soon it will be of no importance.

    I hope he is right.

  • Anonymous


    BBML is Clays best to date! I wish it would get the backing it deserves!!!! Hope Decca has a plan in place.

  • Anonymous


    It really doesn't make any sense. You can request, but the Programme Directors won't play it. Oh, you can go on line and request Bring Back My Love to be played, but they don't. Clay's voice is just amazing on this recording, and I absolutely love this song. I play it over and over. Come on radio....surprise me!!!!

  • SueReu


    Radio sucks, but this song doesn't. Radio used to be Top 40, but it's not really anymore - it's more like Top 10 (maybe even Top 5). Sad really, how many other gems are we not hearing? Bring Back My Love by Clay Aiken is superb and should be heard.


    What a beautiful song! It is a mystery why this song is not being played on the radio! This is Clay Aiken at his very best! I hope it starts to gain the attention it deserves.

    Thanks jbc for this blog! :)

  • Anonymous


    Love the song and would love to hear it on my radio while driving but I think the problem is that radio is so incest with that 18-49 demographic and thinks that those who like Clay are older they won't bother giving it a chance.

  • Anonymous


    Love the song, the montage, Clay and your blog! Thanks!!

  • Anonymous


    This is one of the reasons I don't listen to any fm stations. The only music I listen to is one of Clay's cd's. Bring Back My Love is one of his best and his voice on
    this recording just gives me chills. I play it over and over I just hope the general public will get a chance to enjoy it.

  • lsdolly


    I wouldn't mind hearing this song on radio a dozen times or more a day.


    "Bring Back My Love" is such a beautiful song--Clay's best so far.
    People would love it if they only heard it!. It's very frustrating.
    I'm hoping that after The Celebrity Apprentice he'll be on a few tv shows and have a chance to sing his new song.

  • Anonymous


    Agree with annonymous. Don't listen to radio anymore, just have his CD's in the car, or my iPod when I travel. BBML such a beautiful song. Watching CA every Sunday.

  • Anonymous


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