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Monday, May 21, 2012

Clay Aiken - The Celebrity Apprentice - Shocked  

Shocked is what I am feeling right now. 

Watching this amazing man over this last season of Celebrity Apprentice, go from one task to another with class and dignity, working and adapting as needed.  Then tonight finding out that he raised in the final task of Celebrity Apprentice $301,500.00, had a flawless performance, ad and party versus Arsenio Hall's $167,000.00 total then listening to the comedians roast Clay and Trump with bleeps.  How does this compare?

All along in the back of my mind many fans kept saying that Trump had already made up his mind to give the title of Celebrity Apprentice to Arsenio Hall.  No matter how much Clay worked and money he raised.  No matter that 85% of the other contestants thought that Clay was the winner.  He had his mind made up.

It makes me wonder if Clay being on The Ed Show and Face the Nation, speaking for Marriage Equality, carried any weight with Trump's decision.  I would hope not.  It made my heart proud to see him speaking so eloquently on the two shows and speaking up for equality for all.

Clay is good friends with Arsenio.  That you can see.  They both think highly of the other. 
They did this amazing performance tonight.  Really, this was the best part of the night.
Clay singing.

Mute the player in the side bar.

Clay will always be my Celebrity Apprentice. 

Do you think the right person won?

From Twitter -

Disappointed with another 2nd place finish?? ;-) Make your voice be heard by making a donation at inclusionproject.org "

What next?

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9 comments: to “ Clay Aiken - The Celebrity Apprentice - Shocked


    I am trying to think positive, I really am. The National Inclusion Project got much needed exposure, and a lot of people got to see Clay the way that we see him. I believe that he gained the respect of many people. Many fans came back to the fold and he also gained many new fans. That said, the right person definitely did not win. Clay put so much hard work and heart into that show, in comparison to Arsenio mostly just riding on others coattails. I am royally pissed. I like Arsenio, I really do, but he did not deserve to win over Clay.


    PS, the duet is wonderful, and will probably be the only thing from this last episode that I will watch. Gah, Clay's voice gets me every time.

  • invisibleclay


    Of course the right person did not win! My main concern was Clay raising enough money but when I realized the amount raised by Arsenio's team I started to feel pretty confident that Clay was the winner, until I saw that the Donald gave too much time to Arsenio to talk just before announcing him as the winner. Arsenio bragged the whole season about his contacts i.e. Leno, Whoopi, but they obviously were not willing to give their money to him. So the rumors about the whole thing were true, the whole thing was fixed. I won't say that I like Arsenio because I don't. Never was a fan to begin with.

  • Anonymous


    I think I agree with 75% of viewers that do not agree with Arsenio as the winner.
    Arsenio was PM twice and Aubrey saved his ass.I can't recall one creative idea coming from him the entire time. Aubrey should have been in the final two with Clay.

    Arsenio was playing the game to prove he had friends like and Whoopi,Chris, and Eddie.
    Evidently they have tight pocketbooks, since Clay raised almost twice as much on the final task.

    Clay was playing the game for his charity; National Inclusion Project, and the kids he loves.

    Which one should carry the title of Celebrity Apprentice?

    It's probably for the best, as we'll never see Clay on TV agreeing with Trump on anything. Clay Aiken is one of the most moral people I've ever seen; he would never compromise those morals.

  • Anonymous


    I'm truly disappointed in the outcome of the Celebrity Apprentice finale. Each week Clay worked hard and treated the other contestants respectfully. It's a travesty that he wasn't chosen as the winner. However, he can hold his head high. At least the National Inclusion Project will get more money and visibility, which is a good thing!


    I've been here several times trying to think about what to write. I'm so upset that Clay didn't win something that he so deserved. He was clearly the winner and to have it taken away from him AGAIN is almost too much to bear. I'm hurting for him today and hope that he is OK. I hope he knows that so many people got to know the real Clay Aiken and will forever love him. I hope everyone can make a donation to the National Inclucion Project to try and make this loss a little more bearable. Clay should be holding his head high today. He made all of us very very proud!

  • Anonymous


    Donald Trump just lost all credibility. I was stunned speechless and outraged at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I love Arsenio, but come on. Why even have the last challenge if Trump was going to pick Hall anyway? Trump's decision had nothing to do with a fair choice. Imagine if the decision had been left to the CEO's sponsoring the task as it always is in the preliminary contest? Does anyone think for a second that another CEO would have selected Hall? NO, they would not have. That decision was all about Trump maintaining his image with minorities. ABW (anybody but whitey)

  • Anonymous


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    I absolutely do not think the right person won. I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach when Trump chose Arsenio.
    It all became clear after listening to Adam Corolla's podcast.
    What a travesty.
    But, Clay was wonderful on that show. I had hoped to watch the whole thing again since I enjoyed it so much. But, I don't think I'll ever be able to knowing how he was cheated at the end.

    Made my donation to The National Inclusion Project--makes me feel a bit better.