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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Clay Aiken Is No Stranger to Capitol Hill.  

 With Clay running for Congress to represent his beloved State of North Carolina's 2nd. Congressional District, I started thinking that Clay is no stranger to Capitol Hill or Congress.

 When Clay Aiken was on tour with American Idol Live, Tour 2003, they made a stop in Washington, D. C.  On their day off, Clay spent his time lobbying the political elite on Capitol Hill about Special Education Programs.

 As the U.S. Fund for UNICEF Ambassador in 2005, he gave testimony before members of the Subcommittee, urging Congress to increase the U.S. Government's voluntary contribution to UNICEF for the next fiscal year.

 In November of 2010 he, among others, lobbied in Washington D.C.  for tougher anti-bullying laws before Congress.

 "I never had someone who told me that it was okay to be different…that it was okay to be me. What I did hear was that it would get better once I was out of high school…that things would get better. But from where I sat, I could not possibly believe that to be true.” 

“We need federal leadership from Congress to encourage all states and districts and each and every school to create safe learning environments where all students can learn and succeed.”  ~  Clay Aiken

What next?

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5 comments: to “ Clay Aiken Is No Stranger to Capitol Hill.


    Great blog jbc! Clay seems like a natural doing this! He has always used his voice to present his concerns publicly and now he has the chance to do it again! All the best to him in the upcoming election!


    I enjoyed your blog, jbc. Thank you.

  • Anonymous


    Nice blog..I read it yesterday but forgot to leave a comment. The blog shows how smart Clay is and how he uses his voice for the good of others!



    Great blog!
    Clay is no stranger to Capitol Hill and it's no surprise that he is running for Congress. I predicted that he'd somehow get involved in our government. He's passionate and cares about those he will represent. Hoping so much that he will win that seat in Congress!!

  • Deb


    Very nice and informative blog jbc. I had forgotten how many times Clay has used his voice to lobby Capitol Hill for the benefit of children.I hope he will get many more chances to use his voice for us all. Thank you.