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Friday, November 07, 2014

Clay Aiken ~ Another Open Door  

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5 comments: to “ Clay Aiken ~ Another Open Door


    Wonderful message from Clay!


    What a heartfelt message from Clay! He is a man of integrity and he truly cares for the people of his home state. I am proud to say that I have been a fan and supporter of Clay Aiken for going on 12 yrs! He is an exceptional person!

  • Walla


    WOW! What a beautiful and inspiring message from Clay! I too am proud to be a fan of this man for the last 12 yrs. He truly is an extraordinary man with a heart of compassion, integrity and justice! Thank you Clay for being the man that you are!

  • chasandpeg


    Clay is one of a kind. He is a thoughtful, kind and compassionate man. He always considers what is best for others and puts their needs above his own. I am proud to be his fan and will continue to support him in any endeavor he chooses in the future.


    What a great inspirational message. Clay never gives up. He so wants to change lives for the better, and work for the people of NC02. It's truly their loss...especially the ones that voted for Clay, and were hoping for change.

    I'm beyond proud of him.