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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Missing American Idols Return Promo  

Well, the missing American Idols Return Promo, that included Clay Aiken, was sitting well in tacked in YouTube Land.  I am wondering if it will be used at a later date.  Who knows at this day and time?
All of this drama because Clay voiced his opinion (which I do agree with) on twitter with regards to the judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr.   By the way - he did not say a thing about Idol.

Granted, I think I quit watching Idol the same time as Clay.  I would check it out a time or two, when I knew Clay would be on.  I did watch when Diana DeGarmo was on.  Diana was a Georgia girl, my state.  That's it.  I was taken aback when I watched the first night of Season 15.  It was night and day to me from the judges I was used to with the three that are on now.  I guess I was expecting "Dawg" from Randy Jackson, some advice from Paula Abdul and some blunt critiquing from Simon Cowell.   I am sure to some they are wonderful.  They are beautiful people but to me they were too sweet and the few comedy antics I saw, were not funny.  

I just wonder if that is where Clay was coming from with his tweets.  Not watching Idol for years and then come back, knowing that it had changed.  Expecting one thing, but greeted with something else. Seeing your room changed to an office or sewing room, might have been much.  It was for me.  I did change the station. I could not watch the entire show.  I am sure when they get back in the groove of things, it will improve.  I know it will be if Clay is on.  That is another question.  Will he be?  Big mistake if he's not.

What next?

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