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Friday, April 08, 2016

One amazing performance by Clay Aiken!  

It was just not long enough.  

Clay was one of the many former contestants that performed on the American Idol Finale last night. The song that was chosen for him to sing was a 1974 song written by John Denver - Annie's Song. John Denver wrote this song in 1973 for his wife, Annie.  It has been said that he wrote it in 10 and a half minutes from his experience from a ski trip on Aspen mountain.

An amazing song sung by an amazing singer.


What next?

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11 comments: to “ One amazing performance by Clay Aiken!


    Clay did a great job on one of my face John Denver songs. Looked gorgeous too.

  • Dee


    This was simply beautiful ! The man can do it all .


    Loved seeing Clay singing last night -- he has such a way with lyrics and melodies. No one sings like Clay Aiken.


    Clay was fantastic last night on Idol and did a beautiful rendition of Annies Song. He is still the best Idol to come off the show.

  • MagicalMusic


    Clay sings so effortlessly and doesn't need to over sing or throw in a lot of vocal gymnastics like so many singers do today. That was a beautiful performance.


    Clay was just outstanding. He did such a beautiful job on this song!!

  • Deb V.


    I absolutely adored Clay's performance of Annie's Song on AI last night. He is by far the best male voice ever to come out of the show. Thank you for posting the video - I can't watch it enough times!


    I'm still floating on cloud nine after hearing Clay sing last night!! It was two fandoms colliding for me. Have always loved John Denver and that's one of my favorites by him. Clay sang it so beautifully. John Denver would have been proud. He might have even said, "I have lost my song to you, Clay"--just as Neil Sedaka said it when Clay sang Solitaire. And so, another song becomes "a Clay Aiken Song"!!

  • Anonymous


    Wow! I was and still am surprised he was on the show. And not only on but featured in some small way. It was really awesome seeing and hearing him. He looked really good too. Everyone in that medley did. Well done!

  • ncgran4clay


    There's not a better voice out there. Loved hearing him sing a John Denver song. He was my fav singer before Clay. Use your voice Clay !!

  • Anonymous


    Clay's performance was mesmerizing! I love the song, too. I just wish it could have lasted longer. That man has a voice like no other.